Our team has several years of solid experience developing, financing, building, constructing, managing and marketing residential and commercial buildings. From inception to completion, our firm’s guiding philosophy is to build “Affordable Properties” that deliver against the highest standards of excellence. We build solid relationships that form the basis of Neighborhood Transformation. We call it our Urban Transformative Model.

At the heart of The Melo Group’s powerful performance is the ability to generate value from unique sources.

A key method for accomplishing this is our own in-house construction team. Besides the benefit of streamlined communication and quick action on all construction-related matters, this important extension of our in-house network allows for better dollar-cost averaging on materials, labor, and more.

Our Skills:

· We offer experience in: 

· Pre-Construction Planning

· Manage Construction Operations

· Site Readiness

· Establishment of Construction Budgets · General Contractor Services

· Cost Management

· Code Compliance

· Inspections

· Approvals

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